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I've spearheaded numerous projects for SNP in my tenure here.

  • Leadership brand voice

  • SNP company handbook

  • Sales catalogue

  • Web copy

  • Internal writing training

  • Newsletters editor

I work closely with the co-founder and CEO on her personal brand, developing mini-podcasts and LinkedIn posts to drive engagement. 

I wrote, designed, printed, hand bound, and distributed a company handbook.

I collaborated with web designers and the product team to revamp our web copy and develop a new sales catalogue.

I developed and teach an internal writing course to train our teams on editorial best practices and further their content careers. 


And I refreshed our internal company-wide newsletter, the SNooP, injecting the content with renewed purpose, driving up open rates. Following the internal newsletter's success I began serving as the editor-in-chief of the external newsletter, Oh SN*P, which also boasts high open and CT rates. 


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