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SPRING/SUMMER '24  |  Imminent Light is an essay weaving together climate change, displacement, and the work of painter Charles Burchfield.

FALL '22  |  Portrait of a Prisoner is an essay about prisoners' rights told through the lens of the artist Joseph Massey and my own personal correspondence with a death row inmate. 

POEM  |  WINTER '19  | American Child is a poem about colonization, land acquisition, and natural destruction, which I wrote after driving cross-country at the age of nineteen. 

FEATURES  |  FALL '19  |  The Intricacies Between Fragment and Meaning is a review of Aicon Gallery's exhibit featuring underrepresented artists from Africa, India, and Pakistan. 

FEATURES  |  FALL '19  |  Blue Collar Baltimore is a review of artist Tony Shore's exhibition of the same name. The review harps on themes of ambiguity, social class, and engineered melodrama.

WINTER '19  |  Interview with NBCC Criticism finalist Stephen Greenblatt on his book Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics.

FEATURES  |  FALL '18  |  A Conversation with Amir Hariri is an interview-essay with the artist and industrial designer Amir Hariri. I wrote the piece after visiting Hariri's studio in Manhattan.

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