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M. Sullivan's writing career is distinctively wide-ranging. Originally he set out to study studio art and art history in Boston. After discovering a passion for the written word, he moved to NYC. Still, he retained his artistic sensibility and married the two disciplines together with essays that observe the world through the lens of art. 


While at NYU, he studied under Zadie Smith. And during his MFA at the New School, he studied under John Reed and Dale Peck, among others. His literary expertise ranges from modernism to contemporary poetry with a strong focus on international literature.

In some ways contradicting this artistic bend, Sullivan works very closely with technology companies through the agency, SNP Communications. This exposure to two vastly different worlds has given Sullivan an unusual editorial eye—one that ranges from descriptive to simple, technical to emotional, and everything in between.

In March of 2024, Sullivan launched his own online lit mag Vernacularincluding a travel blog series he writes himself.


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